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Tanggal Terbit : 01 Jun 2018
Penerbit : Gramedia

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Judul: English For Profesional Airlines Services 
Penulis: Sutanto Leo 
Penerbit: Gramedia Pustaka Utama 

English for Professional Airline Services is a course book designed for front liners of airlines, airlines offices, reservation and ticketing offices, travel agents and airports. This book is also worth learning for trainees of airline services, airline cabin crew or flight attendants, students of tourism schools majoring in travel business, individuals and senior high school students who intend to join airlines. This practical book provides very systematic guides for learners to practice communication within airline services. By employing a wide range of creative activities, this book aims: a. to give flight information, to handle flight reservation, to explain flight regulations, to handle flight check-in and departure, to deliver on-board announcements and services, to give flight arrival services, to handle lost baggage complaints, to handle cargo, to complete air waybill, etc. b. to enable learners to self-study practicing the language both in written and spoken forms through guided, semi-guided, and free learning activities. c. to help learners improve their fluency and accuracy in using the language throughout their future careers. English for Professional Airline Services is written by an experienced academic instructor of the language. This book is used widely by tourism school students, travel agent employees, flight attendants and other airline service trainees and trainers all over Indonesia.

Sutanto Leo

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